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Artifacts & Collectibles

You will enjoy this Fox River setting and the unusual building that Port Edward occupies. This is a landmark AAA Motor Club calls one of Mid America's Most Unusual Restaurants. Besides it's reputation for fine dining, Port Edward is also one of the finest nautical museums in the Midwest.

The cannons which guards it's entry was the victim of a tropical storm around 1680, and laid at the bottom of the Caribbean for centuries. The double ship's wheel is from Alaskan Ice Breakers.

The coral encrusted anchor in front of our indoor harbor was hauled from the east coast of the Florida Keys. A few steps away, an old diver's two man pump-up from Montréal, Canada is still in excellent working order. Just up to the side of it is a battered French ship's figurehead from the turn of the 17th century. Throughout the restaurant you can see a collection of English antique signs, rare "lead top" and 18th century binnacles.

In the far end of the restaurant is the navigator's room with an outstanding collection of hardhat diving helmets, whaling harpoons, lances and the jawbone of a sperm whale.

This beautiful ship model is a French Prisoner of War Bone Model. It was crafted by prisoners who dried and bleached the bones from their meals and then scraped, cut, and carved them to make models. From 1775-1825 this was a popular pastime for seamen who were prisoners of war.

Port Edward founder Edward Wolowiec is the eclectic soul who is responsible for this fine collection.

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